together, we create beauty.

That feeling of absolute awe and respect, when standing in the wilds of the forest or at the shoreline, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. It's truly a feeling like no other.

handcrafted jewelry

made from authentic Newfoundland sea glass and flowers.

from the forest

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from the sea

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You belong among the wildflowers... you belong somewhere you feel free.

Tom Petty

moonjelly's story

Whether it's the smell of our wildflowers and their vibrant color palettes, or the rhythmic dance between the rugged Newfoundland shoreline and the turbulent ocean waves creating beautifully tumbled sea glass, shells and driftwood - it's all infinitely inspiring to us. We spend hours combing the shorelines of our stunning beaches, it’s what we love to do as a family. Carefully inspecting each piece, each “treasure”, as my daughter calls them. With every treasure found creating that spark of inspiration, and together, we create Moonjelly beauty.